Respected Sir,
I , NIRMAL CHOUDHARY want to bring you notice about Q. No.-4(b) of
TAXATION paper held on Nov.8, 2015 that the question was based on
“Computation of Point of Taxation under Reverse Charge Mechanism” and
there is discrepancy in the answer given in STUDY MATERIAL page no.
3.6 and corrigendum given in the STUDENT JOURNAL Oct. 2015 page no. 13.

From my own point of view the ANALYSIS given the STUDY MATERIAL of
indirect tax [page no.3.6] is correct and corrigendum given in the
STUDENT JOURNAL is incorrect.
Furthermore the same discrepancy has been followed in the SUGGESTED ANSWER – TAXATION NOV. 2015
My contention is based V.K. SINGHANIA TAXATION BOOK (see image below).
Please clear the doubt about it and provide clarification/ guidance asap.

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