Guidelines for Quiz Contest

Guidelines for Quiz Contest

All winners of Regional level Quiz Contest shall be eligible to participate in the All India Quiz Contest. One team comprising of two participants from each of the five Regions ( winner of the Regional Level Quiz Contest), will participate in the All India Quiz Contest.

1. The date of the Contest may be announced at least 30 days in advance of the Contest.

2. Medium of Contest would be English.

3. There will be eight rounds in the Contest covering the following areas:

• Accounting
• Auditing
• Corporate laws
• Taxation – Direct and Indirect
• Costing/Management Accounting/Financial Management
• Information Technology/Strategic Management
• Economics
• General Awareness

Additionally, there will be a rapid fire round.

4. Three questions will be asked in each round to each group. Thus, there will be fifteen questions in each area / round. The students will be given 60 seconds for answering each of the questions.

5. In each round, the questions will be addressed turn-by-turn to each group. For example,

Q. No. 1 will be addressed to Group A. If Group A answers the question correctly, then Q. No. 2 will be addressed to Group B. If Group A does not answer Q. No.1 Correctly, the question will pass on to Group B and so on and the Group which gives the correct answer will be awarded credit. As usual, the Question No.2 will be addressed to Group B, the Question No.3 will be addressed to Group C and so on.

6. At the end, there shall be a Rapid Fire Round in which five questions will be asked from each group. Each team will be given one minute and five questions are posed to them which are to be no passing in Rapid Fire Round.

7. Each question shall carry 5 points credit. 2 points extra credits shall be awarded for questions which have been passed.

8. As far as possible, computer software may be used to manage quiz, record time and performance of each team. Manual system may also be used. A stop clock may also be used by the Quiz Master for the purpose of recording time.

9. The Contest will be conducted by a professional Quiz Master.

10. Prizes and certificates will be awarded to the winning team and the runner-up team on the conclusion of the Contest.

11. Any contestant who is a winner at the Branch level eligible to participate at the Regional level and after winning Regional level to participate in All India level Quiz Contest.


The aforesaid scheme can be modified, altered or abandoned at any time. All decisions about the scheme shall be at the sole description of Career Counselling Committee and binding on all. Nobody shall have any right or claim whatsoever against the Career Counselling Committee or the Institute