Message of the Chairman, CCC, ICAI

Dear Students,

Chartered Accountancy has become one of the most promising in India. There were times when the word chartered accountant was synonymous with term book-keeper and the realm of the chartered accountant was confined to Accounts, Audits, and Taxation. In the present times, there is no field where Chartered Accountants have not diversified whether it is Portfolio Management, Risk Management, Business Planning, Information System Audit or Environment Audit. In fact, with greater synthesis of the world economy, the role of Chartered Accountants has become broader and more demanding. The demand for CAs is increasing at an amazing rate. Fresh qualified CAs are easily absorbed in the industry. The Institute offers campus placement opportunities to the newly qualified chartered accountants. Besides, opportunities of self-practice also exist.

It is my firm belief that by opting for CA Course, you can surely embark on a satisfying professional career that will help you to reach great heights. The Institute is always very proactive to provide you myriad opportunities to achieve your goals. It organizes Career Counselling Programmes to guide you to choose a career path that is most suitable to your abilities, interest and aptitude. I am delighted that the Career Counselling Committee, ICAI has brought out a Career Counselling Website, giving pertinent details of the Commerce Education, Chartered Accountancy Course and the other features of the Committee. I am sure this website will educate students about the glorified world of Accounting Profession and help them in making right career choices. This website an initiative of the Career Counselling Committee, ICAI is also a step in this direction.

I am sure this website will be a stepping stone for choosing an excellent career with special reference to Commerce education particularly Accountancy education and help them in deciding the right career choice in accountancy education available to them.

I extend my best wishes to all the students who are all set to undertake CA Course as the career option. I would also like to acknowledge the efforts putting out by my Central Council Colleagues, Members of the Committee and other officials of the committee for coming out with the same.

Wishing you all the best.

Yours sincerely,

CA. Mukesh Singh Kushwah
Career Counselling Committee, ICAI

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Message of the Vice President, ICAI

Dear Students,

The Chartered Accountancy profession is very dynamic, challenging and remunerative. The profession is growing fast and has spread out its wings in the wider horizon. The Chartered Accountants play a very vital role by providing reliable information to all stakeholders, and society at large. In addition to the conventional role in the realm of accounting, auditing and taxation, today, the Chartered Accountants are performing multifarious roles in the field of business finance, information technology, corporate management, risk management, and corporate law etc. In this globalized economy where cross border business transactions are a norm, the opportunities for the accounting professionals are vast and emerging at much faster pace.

The Institute has constituted the Career Counselling sub-group under BOS, ICAI with an objective to promote Commerce Education with special focus on Chartered Accountancy course amongst the students as well as other stakeholders. It is my pleasure to note that the utilization of Information Technology for such promotion is high on the agenda of the Committee, and to launch its own website with an objective to connect and disseminate relevant information to all is the first e-initiative in this direction.

I am sure that all the information and tools that are available on the website such as publications of the committee, resource materials, information on career counselling programmers, events, activities of the committee etc. will be quite useful for promoting commerce education particularly Chartered Accountancy course in the country. The website will certainly serve as a repository for students aspiring to become Chartered Accountants.

I extend my best wishes to all the students who wish to do CA Course and do hope that they will achieve great success in their set goal. I would also like to acknowledge contribution of  the Career Counseliing sub-group under BOS especially Convener & deputy Convener of the aforesaid sub-group  and officials of the sub-group for taking such a pro-active initiative.

Yours sincerely,

CA. Naveen N.D. Gupta

Vice President, ICAI

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Message of the President, ICAI

Dear Students,

Many students aspiring to get good opportunities in entrepreneurship or reach high in the organizational ladder are choosing Chartered Accountancy course. Naturally, the number of CAs pursuing the course has gone up significantly and there are about 850,000 students pursuing this course at present.

The business environment is also changing and offering difficult challenges. Chartered Accountants with their holistic education and training are best poised to tackle these challenges and reap benefits for themselves, for their organizations and for the society.

It is really heartening that the Career Counselling sub-group under BOS of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India is continuously working to guide the students and help them to take informed decisions. Students with knowledge of what is in store for them can choose what they want to study.

As a platform to disseminate the knowledge about the Chartered Accountancy course, the committee is launching a separate Career Counselling Website. The platform will provide pertinent details of the Chartered Accountancy Course along with the other details of the sub-group. I am sure this website will educate students about the world of Accounting Profession and help them in making right career choices.

I appreciate the efforts put in by CA. Dhiraj Kumar Khandelwal, Convenor & CA. Debashish Mitra, Deputy Convenor & other members of the Career Counselling Sub-group under BOS, ICAI to maintain this website.

CA. Nilesh Shivji Vikamsey
President, ICAI

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