Terms of Reference

  1. To promote the Commerce Education with special focuses on CA course amongst of Secondary, Senior/ Higher Secondary, Graduate/Post Graduate students as well as other stakeholders.
  2. To promote the Commerce Education amongst the students & other stakeholders through Information Technology I.E. creation of Committee’s website, using of mobile technology & using of such other tools.
  3. To suggest/ provide inputs for commerce education syllabi, study material and other aspects of commerce education delivery system, guidelines etc. at Secondary, Higher/ Senior Secondary, Graduate/ Post Graduate level etc. to enable it to integrate & aligned with commerce education.
  4. To provide career counselling and advise to students at Secondary school Higher/ Senior Secondary school, Graduation/ Post Graduation level & others.
  5. To organize and participate in Educational fairs/ exhibitions or any other activities programmes in India & Abroad to promote the Commerce education with special reference to Chartered Accountancy course.
  6. To organize National and International Conferences, Seminars, Deliberations, Elocution, Quiz, Debate, Essay Writing , Talent Search programme and other contests in order to attract the students towards Chartered Accountancy education.
  7. To interact & collaborate with universities, Institutions of Higher Learning, National/ State Boards, Professional Organisations, Professional Accounting bodies & other entities of India & Abroad to exchange/ receive information aligning with the aforementioned objectives.
  8. To organize Faculty Development programmes as required for carrying out the activities of the Committee. To take up any other activities aligning with the aforementioned objective.
  9. To take up any other activities aligning with the aforementioned objective.